De/Vision - De/Vision CD1: 1992-1996

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  • Artist: De/Vision
  • Name: De/Vision CD1: 1992-1996
  • Size: 719mb
  • Quality: flac, wma, aac, ogg

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    Label: Домашняя Коллекция ‎– none, Навигатор ‎– none
    Type: CD, CD-ROM, Compilation, Unofficial Release, MP3, ABR
    Country: Russia
    Date of released: 2003
    Category: Electronic
    Style: Synth-pop


    Boy On The Street CD5
    MP3-1 Boy On The Street (Hello-High-Mix) 7:27
    MP3-2 The Scenery Deludes (Tranquilizer-Mix) 3:27
    MP3-3 What We Have To Learn (Faster-Mix) 4:04
    MP3-4 Plight (SOS-Mix) 3:47
    MP3-5 Boy On The Street (Disjointed-Mix) 4:08
    Try To Forget CD5
    MP3-6 Try To Forget (Radio Forg-Edit) 3:55
    MP3-7 Try To Forget (Forget-Me-Not-Mix) 6:36
    MP3-8 Can Feel The Drive 4:20
    MP3-9 (Untitled Track) 1:42
    World Without End
    MP3-10 Dinner Without Grace 3:56
    MP3-11 Your Hands On My Skin 4:43
    MP3-12 Slum Child 4:11
    MP3-13 Perfect Mind 4:00
    MP3-14 Time Stands Still (Tonight) 4:34
    MP3-15 The Way You Treat Me 4:43
    MP3-16 To Be With You 3:39
    MP3-17 Falling 3:57
    MP3-18 The Day Before Yesterday 3:51
    MP3-19 Try To Forget 3:52
    Love Me Again CD5
    MP3-20 Love Me Again (Radio Edit) 4:28
    MP3-21 Call My Name 3:36
    MP3-22 Love Me Again (Failure Mix) 6:13
    Unversed In Love, CD01
    MP3-23 Free From Cares 5:22
    MP3-24 Soul-Keeper 4:19
    MP3-25 At Night 4:02
    MP3-26 Dress Me When I Bleed 4:37
    MP3-27 Like A Sea Of Flames 4:34
    MP3-28 Skip This Page 4:16
    MP3-29 Love Me Again 4:31
    MP3-30 Moments We Shared 4:27
    MP3-31 Blue Moon 3:30
    MP3-32 Time 4:50
    Unversed In Love, CD02
    MP3-33 Unversed In Love 2:23
    MP3-34 Blue Moon (Limited) 4:38
    MP3-35 Moments We Shared (Divided) 3:33
    MP3-36 Drive 2:33
    Blue Moon CD5
    MP3-37 Blue Moon (Radio Edit) 3:36
    MP3-38 Blue Moon (12" Mix) 5:49
    MP3-39 Endlose Träume 4:23
    MP3-40 Someone To Draw The Sword 3:45
    Dress Me When I Bleed CD5
    MP3-41 Dress Me When I Bleed (Radio Edit) 4:21
    MP3-42 Get Over The Wall 3:55
    MP3-43 Dress Me When I Bleed (Bloodless Mix) 5:49
    MP3-44 Pseudo-Fusion 3:51
    MP3-45 Lost In You 4:14
    MP3-46 Circulate 4:26
    MP3-47 If We Should Ignore This 4:05
    MP3-48 Melody Of Your Face 4:00
    MP3-49 Desertland 4:41
    MP3-50 What I Feel 3:13
    MP3-51 The Gold Of The Poor 3:45
    MP3-52 A Word In Season 4:24
    MP3-53 Into Another World 3:45
    Live Moments We Shared
    MP3-54 Free From Cares 5:27
    MP3-55 Call My Name 3:40
    MP3-56 Dinner Without Grace 5:17
    MP3-57 Soul-Keeper 4:20
    MP3-58 Dress Me When I Bleed 5:31
    MP3-59 Moments We Shared 4:29
    MP3-60 Your Hands On My Skin 4:42
    MP3-61 Love Me Again 4:41
    MP3-62 Like A Sea Of Flames 4:34
    MP3-63 Blue Moon 3:49
    MP3-64 Get Over The Wall 4:02
    MP3-65 Try To Forget 6:51
    MP3-66 Endlose Träume 4:26
    MP3-67 Hunters 3:59
    Sweet Life CD5
    MP3-68 Sweet Life (Radio Edit) 4:00
    MP3-69 Sweet Life (Little Bear-Mix) 6:19
    MP3-70 Crystallized 3:47
    MP3-71 Sweet Life (LP-Version) 4:07
    MP3-72 I Regret 4:44
    MP3-73 Dawn 1:12
    MP3-74 Sweet Life 4:17
    MP3-75 Like The Sun 4:13
    MP3-76 Harvester 5:03
    MP3-77 Today's Life 4:02
    MP3-78 Scars 3:44
    MP3-79 Keep Your Dreams Alive 3:44
    MP3-80 Wages Of Sin 1:57
    MP3-81 Bleed Me White 4:28
    MP3-82 Take Me To The Time... 5:27
    MP3-83 Daydreamin' 3:25


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